Gibbs Model of Reflection (Employability 2)

Stage one: Description of the event – I am reflecting on my skills I have developed in my second year of studying Foundation degree Business Management at Wakefield College.  Before joining this course I was working part time as a claims handler at Minster Law. I am enjoying my studies and have almost completed my second year. I have attended two business conferences this year. I have worked on my own business plan, taken an exam in Financial Accounting. I have worked on a real work based project for the marketing department of Wakefield College. I have taken part in interviews and interviewed other candidates from our class. I have taken part in debates and group tasks. I have worked on group presentations with other members from the class.

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Stage two: Feelings – I was looking forward to my second year as I thoroughly enjoyed my studies in the 1st year. This year I wanted to develop my skills on different modules and wanted to improve on my skills I have learnt to become more effective. I have kept myself motivated as I have aimed for a distinction on my modules.

I was happy working with different people from the group this year which gave me an opportunity to adapt to their learning styles and get to see their ideas and I got the chance to develop on all tasks and improvise on my team working skills. For example I got the opportunity to work with Nick, Liam and Awais on presentations. I got the opportunity to work in a group with a panel of strong students to interview other candidates. I have enjoyed each task.

I get along with everyone in my group and have been able to work with stronger students who have done very well and they have encouraged me motivated me and have appreciated and liked my work. I have developed my creativity skills by sharing my ideas.

I felt nervous when I got my work placement as I have never done any work for a marketing team before. I was excited at the same time but with time I became confident and felt comfortable working on my placement. This was a challenging project as I had to interview students and had to build on my research skills. I was more worried if I would be able to get the results I needed but I felt the project came at ease once I got right into my project. This project was a great experience where I could build on my marketing skills and I loved working on it.

I have been very excited and keen to work on my human resources module. I was looking forward to doing the interviews and it was a different feeling, something I have never done before. It was a fun experience and I believe I learnt a lot about how the interview process works.

Attending the conferences was a new experience which helped engage with different people. This was a challenging task engaging with different people from different organisations. I was nervous on how I would manage this task but after having the icebreaker I was confident on speaking to the next person and it is something that I enjoyed. Some students felt that it was a waste of time attending these conferences but I guess it’s how you look at it and what you want to pick up from it as everyone have a different understanding.

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Stage three: Evaluation –

The good experience has been getting to go to the two business conferences, and working in groups it gave us the opportunity to interview different employers and exhibitors as a team. I learnt the importance of networking and building links. I met some entrepreneurs who shared the same interest of setting up their business and this is something I am interested in doing as I want to set up a business in the future. I got to talk to employers about their interests, how they built their career from university, things they look out for, and what development opportunities they provide

I developed my skills on working in different groups and presentations and have become more efficient this year. I am more confident in presenting in front of other members now.

I have communicated with different people from different organisations. For my business plan I communicated with members of staff from my workplace, college and Wakefield council to get my primary research. This year I have met more people from different organisations whether we had speakers come in for our Business Plan module or whether we met and spoke to people at the conferences. I believe you learn a lot from others and by seeing things from others perspective on how they work and have worked on their organisations has been a great experience and I have understood how different organisations work.

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For my work placement I interviewed 40 students from Barnsley understanding their perceptions of coming to study at Wakefield College. This helped me develop my confidence and communication skills.

In both my business plan and work placement I faced challenges and I was able to solve the problems and find solutions, for example as I was a student a lot of times I did not get the information I need as people did not take me seriously.

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I got the opportunity to work with Stuart and Amir from the marketing department at Wakefield College, which has boosted my confidence and motivated me as I was aiming to get a good reference from them as this will look good on my cv. I also wanted to develop my learning and understanding of marketing.

I feel I am proving on my own skills and qualities. I have enjoyed working on all assignments.

Most of the assignments for this year have been working on your own initiative and I have adapted to every different learning style and improvised my learning from last year. The bad experience has been when certain group members have not attended the lectures, which has caused a delay in getting tasks done. However this gave the opportunity to step in and I have completed the tasks. I have helped other students on any tasks they have had problems understanding and offered support and motivated them to get their assignments completed.

Stage four: Analysis –

I loved the business planning module. For my business plan I worked on a business idea that I want to start up myself in the future. It was a great opportunity to get feedback and learn about different organisations from different speakers we had. I got a distinction on this assignment. My pitch for my business plan was more effective from my pitch to last year for my marketing module. I used my learning from my previous modules that helped me get a distinction on this assignment. I believe marketing is my strength and enjoy marketing.

All my learning from previous modules has helped me become more efficient on all modules this year as I knew what I had to, which resources I need to do and how to manage my tasks.

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I did a presentation with Nick for the first time for Work in Context. This was a great opportunity to work with Nick as we shared our ideas and approaches on the presentation and we gave each other recommendations for our work placements

I have really enjoyed conducting the interviews which was a first time experience. This was a fun experience and I was able to observe the candidates behaviour and understood the recruitment and interview process.

I have learnt how to do Gant charts in my project management module, which is an easier way to boil down all the tasks onto one document. This can help me manage my tasks in future, as I have learnt a new way to organise my work.

I have given recommendations to other group members in their business plans for example I gave Misbah the idea of doing pizza on the go subway style for her business plan. I gave sham the business idea of printing canvasses or text on t shirts and other items. I have given recommendations to Nick for his Work in Context project.

The challenges I have faced has been when you are doing your research and want people to take you seriously and give you information you need but they don’t provide you with the information as they take you as a student so this can sometimes be a barrier on getting the results we need.

In year 1 I faced that students were not completing their group tasks. I encountered same problem this year. I discussed my concerns with my tutor, but as last year I just completed the work that needed to be done, as I don’t want this to affect my grade. I want to do well.

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Stage five: Conclusion –

In total there are 4 assignments left and I have already completed 2. Now I can focus on the remaining 2 assignments. I want to give and do my best and get feedback.

As I have completed my two assignments, two months before deadline. I have encouraged and motivated other group members to work on their assignments. I have been having weekly review meetings with Amir and Stuart. I have been showing my work to my tutor and asking for feedbacks

This year I believe the level has increased in doing research, I have used different methods, and spoken to different people from different organisations. I have got questionnaires filled out from all kinds of ages from students to elderly people. I have found good sources myself. For example I found a good source that provided a good quote for transport facility for Wakefield College. I was looking for a reliable good company and I found out that this same organisation also provided transport to Barnsley College who are competitors for Wakefield College.

For my work placement, I would have loved to get focus groups set up with schools so I could interact more with the students. I would have made some videos and taken pictures of students participation which I could not do as I did not get response back from the schools. I believe this is something I could have done differently.

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For my business plan, I wanted to work on event management too as I had two ideas to work on. It would have been interesting to see how I would develop my business plan on this idea. This is something I could have done differently. Both the cake business and event management is something I want to set up in the future.

I would like to develop my research skills as I believe there is always scope to learn more. I would like to know what other ways or means there are to get the information you need.

Stage six: Action plan

I have been to Open Days to decide which university I will be going to, to complete my third year.  I have asked different universities about their course structure for the final year. I have got information on how each module would be assessed. Throughout first and second year at Wakefield College, I have worked on presentations, group tasks, debates, assignments and have taken one exam. I have found out for the final year there is more essay writing and possibility of more exams. As I don’t have much experience in this I want to improve and develop my skills on how to do exams and on essay writing. I want to improve my academic writing and referencing skills.

I have enjoyed my project management module and would like to develop my learning on this module, and how to adapt to theories and models for this module.



Reflection on Employability 2

Attending Conferences

By attending the conferences, it gave me the opportunity to work in a team and improve my skills and knowledge about the business world. I got to engage with different people from different organizations and ask questions. I learnt the importance of networking and building links. I met some entrepreneurs who shared the same interest of setting up their business and this is something I am interested in doing as I want to set up a business in the future. I got to talk to employers about their interests, how they built their career from university, things they look out for, and what development opportunities they provide.

We got lots of goodies from the Kirklees Business conference and handouts from a recruitment agency on how to write a CV. The Venturefest business conference was similar to Kirklees Business Conference but was a bigger event compared to Kirklees. Venturefest business conference had more speakers, employers and exhibitors. The people I spoke to encouraged me to complete my education. The presentations inspired me with new ideas and I learnt the importance of being positive and disciplined with a pro active approach.


Working in a team

I felt that working in a team is important, understanding what needs to be done and what we need to achieve. Whilst one person was asking the question, the other would make notes. I believe as a team we achieved the tasks we set. We broke the questions into parts and planned and managed our time at both conferences. We discussed our results. After attending both conferences and speaking to different exhibitors and employers it helped us develop our communication skills as a group and as individuals. We shared our tasks and delegated our roles and responsibilities within the group. For example at times I would introduce our group and at other times other members would.

After attending the Kirklees conference we were more confident on asking questions the second time round at Venturefest. It was a similar approach that we had as a group. I felt I improved my confidence and developed m own voice in my discussions within the group and speaking to others. Working in groups helped me develop my interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well as leadership and motivating my group members. These skills are valued by employers and I believe this module gave me the opportunity to develop these skills.

Working with others helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. It is important to have a self awareness as this is something that employers are interested in and can help you develop an enhanced cv and help you fill application forms.

We had lots of questions to ask exhibitors and employers. There were many representatives from colleges and universities at both conferences and there were other students around who were also doing their research. We made notes along and spent up to 20 minutes with people we spoke to. Though it helped us in many ways to develop our skills you naturally feel nervous. We shared our objectives


Interviewing Amir

For Work in context assignment we had to do a presentation. For the organisation we have chosen to undertake our placement I had to evaluate a current workplace role and its relationship with other internal functions. Research what external professional, statutory or regulatory bodies govern the industry and how these work in practice. Me and Nick decided to interview Stuart and Amir at Wakefield College as they were both from the marketing department. Stuart is a marketing manager and Amir is senior marketing officer. We wanted to get an insight on their roles.

We left the questions with Amir and Stuart they filled the questions and sent them back to us via email. Me and Nick then discussed the answers we received. Some of their answers were similar and some different but it was interesting to see what skills, experiences and qualifications are needed to get into the marketing sector.

This was a good way to learn and pick up things as they gave us ideas on what could help us develop our skills and learning and what kind of roles we could apply for. Their answers were detailed. Whilst I have been working on my reflection this week our tutor informed us about a vacancy that has been posted for the Marketing officer at Wakefield College. The timing was great as I felt comfortable in applying for this position and I have plan to apply for this role, I believe I can reflect on my work in context assignment and learning from my modules in this role.

Interviewing Amir and Stuart was very beneficial and gave us fresh ideas on how we can approach jobs in the marketing sector.

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This assignment gave me the opportunity to review my personal development skills. I learnt the importance of how to write a CV and how organizations look out for what stands out about candidates in the CV.

I feel this module has levelled up from what we studied last year. I love marketing and it gave me the chance to look at what I need to do if I was to get a job in this sector and gave me the opportunity to work on my personal development plan within this specialism which really makes you think and explore. It helped me see things from a real work prospect by interviewing Amir and Stuart and also meeting real work people who have set their businesses up at the conferences we attended. I have enjoyed this module. This module has provided me the opportunity to develop my skills through new experiences. I can use this experience and reflect on it in my own work place, studies and assignments.

I have used the Gibbs (1988) model of reflection to reflect on all my experience and learning on this module. I believe this is a good model to use. It is straightforward, clear and easy to use. It has helped me review my progress and explore how I have developed my skills on this module. It has given me the opportunity to identify my strengths and areas I need to improve on.


Venturefest Business Conference 2015

We went to the Venturefest Business Conference on 12th March which took place at the York Racecourse. The Venturefest business conference was similar to Kirklees Business Conference but was a bigger event compared to Kirklees. Venturefest business conference had more speakers, exhibitors and employers.


Me and Liam made a plan before going to the conference on how we would manage the task. We had no contact from Awais so could not plan the task with him.

We decided to use the list of questions we used in the Kirklees conference. Liam had his list of questions and I had my list of questions. We also discussed that we needed to find out what benefits companies get on attending such events, and what company representatives feel that they gain from being represented at Venturefest.

We spoke to the company representatives and different employers e.g. Scy, Seecms, Blacks Solicitors


Blacks Solicitors provide a wide range of legal services to commercial and private clients.


Seecms gives you all the tools that you need to manage your website, without a degree in IT!


SCY helps businesses grow by investing in them

We got the opportunity to interact with different people. The response we got was similar to what we got at Kirk lees conference.

Communication skills were very important and companies wanted to know about the person’s personality, attributes, qualifications, their achievements and experience. Everyone more or less wanted the same kind of skills. Overall everyone wanted people who were self driven, motivated, who had confidence and good at team working and problem solving.

Me and Liam spoke to different people. We both asked questions. The questions we had were useful and helped get us the information we need.  We made notes along. This event was bigger so I did feel nervous however once we got the details we needed we were comfortable.

I took pictures at the event.


We found that company representatives were were looking to get their company fund and support and build links. Investors at the conference were looking for motivated business people to invest in. Many were there to raise profile and get advice and investment on their businesses, they wanted other businesses across the region know who they are and what they do. The innovation showcase at the conference was there for entrepreneurs to show their ideas to all the delegates attending. Everyone was there for some benefit and wanting to build a relation with the right contact.

It was a good event. We saw many students there who were also doing more research. I believe going to these kind of events can motivate and inspire students. There is something for everyone to benefit from, whether its an experience or something to learn. It is a good platform to build links.


Meeting Fraser Doherty :)

At the Kirk-lees Business Event we met Fraser Doherty. I have never heard this name before, and don’t know anything about this person. I was very excited about the business conference as there were lots of people there and it was a new experience for me. There were a number of business conferences running during the day but as a team we decided to go to this particular one. We could not sit together as a team due to seating but we all did attend this conference and we all enjoyed it.

Fraser Doherty, I think anyone who has met this guy once, will always remember him. He is truly an entrepreneur and is an inspiration to all the youngsters out there. He was fully of energy and so down to earth. He made everyone laugh and I am sure everyone were inspired and motivated by him.


Fraser Doherty, now 24, set up SuperJam at 14, using his Gran’s jam recipes. After selling his produce at farmers’ markets, he developed a method of producing jam 100% from fruit. After setting up production, creating a brand and perfecting his recipes, Fraser became the youngest ever supplier to a major supermarket chain when Waitrose launched the range in March 2007. SuperJam now supplies over 2,000 supermarkets around the world (incl. Tesco, Asda Wal-Mart, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose) in countries including Australia, Russia, Denmark, Finland and Ireland.


Part of our Business Planning module we have to come with an idea for a new business and at that time I was thinking of what I could possibly do. I was trying to find my answer at the business conference. I thought of two things which I have interest in, one is cakes, and secondly event management. I have always wanted to do something which I love doing and I would like to set up a business of my own so thought why not attempt to make a business plan on something I actually have interest in.

We got an insight of his idea, his life, his success, challenges he faced and how he overcame them. I learnt a lot from him. I was sharing his stories at work and with my family and friends. I have started following him on twitter and would like to know what other business ventures he comes across 🙂

Kirklees Business Conference 2014

Kirklees Business Conference – John Smith Stadium

We went to the Kirk-lees Business Conference on 15th October. We got to speak to different people from a variety of different backgrounds and businesses. Our aim was to meet new people and ask them about what skills they thought were the most important that employers are looking for. I was working with Awais and Liam. We had to come up with a list of questions we would ask.


We asked the following questions:

  1. What are employers looking for?
  2. What skills do graduate employers look for?
  3. What are the soft skills employers want?
  4. What skills/experiences do you look for when hiring and entry level employee?
  5. When faced with two equal candidates, how do you determine whom to hire?
  6. What is the one characteristic you believe every employee should possess?
  7. What is the biggest challenge you face when hiring an employee?
  8. What do employers look for in a background check?
  9. What kind of qualities do employers look for?
  10. What do employers look for in an interview?
  11. What do employers look for in a cover letter?
  12. What do employers want to know about you?
  13. What do employers want from graduates?
  14. What qualifications do employers want?
  15. What is more important qualification or experience?

These were the questions we asked. We spoke to 5 different speakers who were representing their companies and this is what we found:


  • Good listening skills, empathy, communication is very important, confidence, teamwork
  • Interested in personality, dedication, look at the attitude and experience, works with others
  • ambitious people who are honest and open.

ServaTech Ltd

  • flexibility very important, dedication, enthusiasm
  • general grades will be considered but if don’t have the right qualifications and show the experience that is relevant
  • Adaptive and patience matters very much.
  • Communication skills, personality should shine, honest, sincere, true, dedicated


  • Qualifications in the following fields are preferred – sales/english/journalism/media
  • people who are commercially aware and involved in advertising, someone who can keep a balance of consumer and marketing knowledge
  • Soft skills communication skills very important listening, understanding, motivation, enthusiastic, someone who can demonstrate all these skills
  • If don’t have qualifications will consider experience

Recruitment – Employers are looking for:

  • Basic IT skills, right attitude, enthusiasm, look at what stands across cv, outgoing, people who are out of the box, each client wants information. If there is any gap so long the reason is explained that is fine, and finally how you present yourself in the interview


  • Soft skills very important
  • What stands out in the cv, interested in the person, how they deal with problems and find solutions
  • personality attributes
  • flexibility, even if don; have IT skills need to show what they can do, why they are right for the job
  • open to fresh ideas, and new changes
  • interested in the biggest weaknesses
  • self critical
  • Why Microsoft?
  • Want to know that they understand the principles of marketing?
  • Honest, sincere, true, communication skills

This was a very unique task but something I enjoyed interacting with people from different backgrounds and different businesses. We identified that overall communication skills was very important, all companies want to know about the person along with their qualifications and experience. They all more or less wanted the same thing. It was all about the person and his/her personality attributes and how he can use his/her experience and qualifications  to demonstrate that he/she is the right candidate for the job.

download (1)

This was a good learning experience, meeting real people and rather than being interviewed, interviewing the employers and finding out what they are looking for. I feel this has contributed towards my learning and has given me an insight of what is expected. I can use this experience and reflect on it in my own work place, studies and assignments. I was nervous at first asking questions but after the icebreaker and introducing ourselves it was just a matter of being confident and doing what we needed to do. At times I introduced the group or Liam introduced us to the employers.

We worked well as a group and we had lots of questions to ask them. We introduced ourselves as Year 2 students from Wakefield College wanting to know about what kind of things employers were looking for and asked them if they could spare a few minutes for us. They were all so willing to talk to us and gave us some great feedback and encouraged us to do well in our studies. We made notes along and spent up to 20 minutes with each individual we spoke to. I think you can’t help being nervous speaking to someone for the first time but it really does help you overcome your nerves and helps you build your confidence to talk to an employer and get their interest. Everyone were very friendly.

I felt if we did not ask we would not get anything, the only way we can achieve what we want is by being ourselves and being confident. Normally whenever I have spoken to employers, I have been interviewed but interviewing them was a fun experience. We got some business cards. The recruitment agency gave us a hand out of what kind of things employers look for an interview which was very helpful too.

I felt that working in a team is important, understanding what needs to be done and what we need to achieve. Whilst one person was asking the question, the other would make notes. I believe as a team we achieved the tasks we set.


We got some free goodies which was nice 🙂

Year 2 begins

Year 2 has already begun and 4 weeks have already passed.

Have been so busy with work and lectures that did not get any time to blog..

I wasn’t sure if this blog would continue, but part of my two assignments we do have to blog, reflecting on our experience.

So there will be lots of blogging 😉


We have already been given our assignments  so basically no “take it easy mode”

New modules…

Business Planning.  I hope I can learn all the relevant things I need to know about business planning because one day I want to set up my own business. We have been given a task to come up with a business idea and create a pitch on a product or a service. The assignment on this module would also be about my business plan. So the thinking cap is on. Looking forward to this module.

Financial Accounting. I think this will be the hardest module for me as I don’t have any experience in finance at all. I am looking forward to learning new things in this module and so far I am really enjoying it. It really makes your brain work, reminds me of school days. I have got a test this week on what we have learnt so far. This module has got an exam at the end. I don’t like exams, I prefer to work on assignments. I will have to invest more time in revision and hope to get a good grade on this module.

Employability. I have to shadow someone for a day and think of who I want to shadow. This should be related to some sort of job I want to do in future. So thinking what to do.

Work in Context.  I have to find a 22 week placement and work on a project work related and then produce a report for it. I am thinking of doing this placement at my current work place which will make it a lot easier to manage my work studies and this task.

Going to a Business Conference tomorrow at Kirkless, looking forward to that.

All assignments have been given, and I would like to start on them straight away.

I got a 1st in my first year and hope I can do the same this year too

Good Luck to me 🙂

Stressful Days

Hi guys

Stress seems to be piling up. There is so much work to do. I have completed my PDP in reading week. That’s a big relief.

Next week we have two presentations which is part of our assignment. One presentation is on Should UK leave the EU? and the other presentation is on Intellectual Property. I really enjoyed working on these tasks. I don’t have any knowledge on these topics, so it was something new that I have learnt.


I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of February. Time is going so fast. 3 months left of studies than the 1opest year will be over.

I have been working on coaching with my colleagues at work, and been working on team working and working on team incentives. Work is busy as usual but I have enjoyed working on incentives.


It is very cold. I am told that it might snow tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t. I am looking forward to spring and some sunshine 🙂

3 assignments left to complete. I have started working on Business Environment assignment. Currently working on SWOT and PEST analysis on Samsung, and its CSR approach. It was interesting to find how many activities Samsung operate in helping and building communities. I have completed a few SWOT and PEST Analysis on some other organisations but found that Samsungs PEST and SWOT was very different and unique.


I have made a plan on getting the tasks completed and will keep a pro active approach on getting all assignments completed. I want to complete the assignments ASAP so i can get some feedback and then improvise if needed.

I am enjoying the Business Law module. I hope to get a good grade on all my assignments. I need to meet up with Misbah to practice our group presentations for next week.

I am very nervous about these presentations. Wish me luck 🙂

Time to get on with my assignments, so bye for now



Reading week – Study Mode

No lectures this week but hopefully focus is to utilise this time and get cracking on all assignments

The past 4 days I have been working on Employability module. I have completed an evaluation of the quality of this blog.

I have completed my personal development plan. It has been quite a journey writing about the good, the bad and overall everything about myself and my goals and aspirations.


I always used to think what is the point of reflecting, but at work I learnt the importance of reflecting on your own work. Others may not be aware of what you have done so at work you get an opportunity in the monthly review to talk about achievements and what went wrong etc. This ultimately affects our bonus and yearly pay rise according to our performance and input.

In same respect to my course, blogging and doing a PDP is also a good idea, because by reflecting we become aware of our strengths and weaknesses and how we plan to improve and take action on getting tasks completed.


I have completed all tasks on this module. I just need to gather the evidence. I am planning to get statements from my colleagues, friends and tutors, hope they won’t mind 🙂

According to Honey and Mumford my learning style is the theorist and reflector. I do agree to this to some extent. After writing so much about my learningstyle in my PDP I have decided not to bore you guys with it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will start working on the Business Law module. I am hoping the weather will get better now, I am getting pretty much fed up with the cold.

Looking forward to spring, Looking forward to getting all these assignments completed


I have been working long hours at work too, so I am quite proud of myself that I have managed to get Employability Assignment finished today 🙂





Heading towards half term

Hi guys

It’s been quite some time since I have blogged. I can’t believe how quick time has gone. So we are heading towards half term and again all the assignments seems to be flooding in. 3 months left and 1st year will be almost over.. just 3 months of hard work and 4 assignments to complete. I can’t believe how quick this year has gone but I have learnt so much and enjoyed my course so far.

Last week was a stressful week as we were getting results back. I was very nervous. When you complete your presentations you get some idea on what you might get as a grade but when you hand your assignment in.. its a different story.. you just go blank! Well I do 😦

So I got my results and I was very shocked with my results, though no one believes me. I still don’t understand why everyone think I am so confident, when I know I am least confident

My Results:

Marketing module –  I got a distinction

Organisations and Behaviour module – I got a 2:1 

Simventure – On the presentation our group got the highest mark compared to other groups but we are still waiting for results

Individual presentation for Employability – I got a distinction.

I am very pleased with my results but wish I could have got the extra 2 marks so I could have got distinction on organisations and behaviour too.  It just shows you that it is not easy getting marks and you really have to work hard and prove yourself.

So this is the latest with results so far


In January we went to Coca Cola Enterprise on a visit from uni. It was quite a different experience I have never seen so much coke in my life 🙂 It is one of the Europe’s biggest Coca Cola factory, we got to see the factory and got an insight about the way the business functions.

So coca cola created father christmas and coca cola in chinese means – good taste for mouth!!  Hmmmm 🙂

We have started our new modules: Business Law, Business Environment, Work in context and continuing with Employability.

Work in context is quite different and we have had 3 people come in talking about the company they work for. We then have to conduct a  SWOT, PEST ANALYSIS and stakeholders group for that particular business. This is also part of our assignment but it’s interesting to see how every business is different and the range of challenges they face and how they overcome these.

Business Environment module is going well. I can relate to this module due to my work experience and I think the talkers we get in to talk about their business also gives an insight on business environment.

Business Law is probably the best module by far! I am thoroughly enjoying this module the most. It is very interesting to learn about rules and regulations that businesses must comply with. Our Business Law tutor surely makes the lecture a fun learning experience and we get to interact more with each other in class.

The assignments for each module are quite challenging, and again I don’t want to leave them far behind, so I have already made a start on them.


I have completed my presentation for Business Law, and Employability. My Business Law presentation is on Intellectual Property. I didn’t even know what this meant but have learnt something new today. Employability presentation is on a topic given to us by our tutor. We have to work in pairs for this. The topic we have been given is SHOULD THE UK LEAVE THE EU? This is a debate where I will be talking about it in favour of AGAINST and Misbah will be in favour of FOR. This presentation will be in front of the whole class but it is quite a new different experience where we can take part in an open debate so I am looking forward to wining this argument


Now PDP has been pending from semester 1 but I have spent a good 2 days on this and hopefully will have this completed tomorrow. I just need to gather all my evidence and this should be completed very soon.

Next week is reading week. Aim is to complete PDP, start business law and business environment assignments and get task 1 and 2 completed on both.

I can’t believe how much I have learnt. I am blogging after quite some time and just writing about what I have done makes me think about how much I have learnt, hopefully I will remember to add these points in my PDP 🙂

Anyways lots to do.. but time to sleep now..



Happy New Year

I am so glad 2013 is over!! It was one of the worst years of my life!

Hopefully this year going to change things around. Lots of things to achieve, lots to do..

Wishing everyone all the very best for the new year.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I have been unwell during xmas, so was just stuck in bed watching tv

I need to make a start on my marketing assignment which is due next week. Feels kinda strange thinking its 2014..

Going to try to make everyday good, fun and positive 🙂